1968 Born in Istanbul
1989-1993 Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics at Marmara University.
1993-1996 Completed his master degree with Consultant of Mustafa Aslıer.
2007 Established Utopya Platform Art Gallery.
2015 Works his own workshop in Kızıltoprak, Istanbul.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 “POP!”, Galeri İlayda, Zorlu Center, İstanbul

2013 Who Are WE/Biz Kimiz Gallery İlayda, İstanbul
2011 “Faceless”, İlayda Art Gallery, Istanbul
2006 Gallery Artist Cukurcuma, Istanbul
2005 Gallery Artist Cukurcuma, Istanbul
2004 Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul
2004 Gallery Artist Cukurcuma, Istanbul
2001 Galetea Art Gallery, Istanbul
1997 Çırağan Hotel Kempinsky, Istanbul
1995 Sculpture Stıudio Gallery, Istanbul

Selected Group Exhibitions

Istanbul University, Istanbul
2009 Contemporary Istanbul’09, Ütopya Paltform Art Gallery, Istanbul
2009 “Contemporary Turkish Print Artists”, Engraving Exhibition, Technohoros Gallery, Athens-Greece
2008 Ütopya Paltform Art Gallery, Contemporaray’08 Istanbul Art Fair
2007 Ütopya Paltform Art Gallery, ArtIstanbul Art Fair, Istanbul
2006 32nd DYO Painting Competition Exhibition
2005 Association of Chemist, 50th Anniversary Photograph and Painting Competition, Ankara
2005 State Painting Exhibition, Ankara
2005 “From Our and From Their”, Gallery Tem, Istanbul
2004 Art Istanbul, Gallery Artist Çukurcuma Standı, Istanbul
2003 Küyad Art Gallery, Maltepe – Istanbul
2003 State Painting Exhibition, Ankara
2002 “From Our and From Their”, Gallery Tem, Istanbul
2001 “From Our and From Their”, Gallery Tem, Istanbul
2000 “From Our and From Their”, Gallery Tem, Istanbul
1999 State Painting Exhibition, Ankara
1999 Turkcell Painting Competition Exhibition, Istanbul
1998 Caccho Zanchi Art Gallery, Belgium
1998 Adana Cement Painting Competition Exhibition, Adana
1998 “From Our and From Their”, Gallery Tem, Istanbul
1997 Caccho Zanchi Art Gallery, Belgium
1996 “From Our and From Their”, Original Print Painting Exhibition, Gallery Tem, Istanbul
1996 İ.M.K.B. Painting Competition Exhibition, Istanbul
1996 European Painting Competition, Belgium
1996 Austrian Culture Center, Tarabya – Istanbul
1995 Tekel Painting Competition Exhibition, Istanbul
1995 DYO Painting Competition Exhibition, Ankara
1995 State Original Print Exhibition, Ankara
1994 State Original Print Exhibition, Ankara
1994 Sculpture Stıudio Gallery, Ortaköy – Istanbul
1993 BP Young Artist Exhibition, Istanbul
1993 Kocaeli Municipality Painting Exhibition
1993 French Culture Center, Istanbul
1992 Kadıköy Caddebostan Culture Center, Istanbul